Is hypnosis therapeutic?

That’s why people find it therapeutic. The difference between people who run because they like it as a therapy, as a release, and those who have to force themselves to run, because they really don’t like it, is that those who run as a
therapeutic release are entering an altered state of mind. They’re entering and a trance in which they’re actually literally doing hypnotherapy on themselves without even realising it. It’s a very powerful thing to be able to do for yourself.

This is an awesome conversational hypnosis technique

Now, the next thing you’ll learn at The Academy of Hypnotherapy is what are called ‘emotional triggers’. Now as you’ll see in this programme, emotions are really the domain of unconscious responses.

So when you learn to trigger, inside someone’s mind, an unconscious response, it gives you control of the very pictures and feelings that run that person’s entire life. You will literally be like a person sitting inside their head, seeing the pictures they run, noticing the feelings that they feel, and being able to shift them into healthier, happier, and more rewarding ways of living.

And of course, this whole programme is about creating more rich, rewarding and happy places for everyone around you.

How to choose a perfect domain name for instant SEO rankings

Now it’s time to really kick things off…

Right now we’re are going to be covering how to set up your website the right way so that it has the best possible chances of ranking right from the get go.

I’m going to show you exactly how I set up my WordPress blogs, the plugins I use and the “On Page” tactics that will give you site an automatic boost in Google.

Now what’s really cool is that the whole process of On Page SEO is not even all that difficult and when you follow the guidelines I’m about to give you then you have the best possible chance of success with SEO plus it’s really quick to do.

In fact you can actually go out there and buy a domain and some hosting, install WordPress on that domain and install a decent looking theme and be ready to go all in less than five minutes.

I mean how incredible is that?

So let’s and get to it right now.

Let’s Get You A Domain Name…

By now you’ve hopefully chosen some keywords that are reasonably easy to rank and that have a decent amount of search volume.

So the next step is to find the perfect domain for your keywords.


A few years back, when it came to SEO everyone who wanted to rank for a particular keyword would always try and get the exact match domain for that particular keyword.

So for example, if you were trying to rank for “How to lose weight” then you would try and get the exact match domain with either “.com”, “.org” or the “.net” extension.

For example “”.

If the exact match domain with one of the three extensions mentioned above was not available then the next best thing was to add a letter to the end of the exact match domain.

For example “” or “”.

DO NOT do this anymore!!

It screams to Google that you are trying to SEO your site for that particular keyword.

In fact I used to own the domain, I don’t own it anymore because it got slapped from the big G!

Now with that said, please understand that I am ONLY saying do not add a letter to the end of your domain if you can’t get the exact match domain.

If the exact match domain is available for your keyword then definitely pick it up.

The London SEO agency UptoByte, which you can find over at advises  against getting the EMD because it is too easy to get an over optimization penalty from Google and because Matt Cutts from Google has publically stated that EMD domains no longer have as much ranking power as they used to.

Here at The SEO Insider the chances of you getting an over optimization penalty are extremely slim and we don’t like to take much notice of what Matt Cutts says because he doesn’t have our best interest in mind.

Yes, while it may be true that EMD domains “Don’t hold as much weight as they used to” that doesn’t mean to say that they don’t still give you a slight boost in your ranking power.

In fact, I have tested using an EMD vs. a generic brand domain using the same on page/off page SEO and the EMD still wins every time.

So with that in mind I still get the EMD when I can.

If I can’t get the EMD, then I go for the partial match domain.

What I do it just add something to the end of the EMD.

So for example: or

This is still working really well and you can see it on a lot of my sites that are ranking.

But just remember, never use just a letter at the end of your domain, it has to be a word.

As well as that, another thing that I have found is that the word you add needs to be as short as possible, and it needs to be a word not words.

So for example you would choose something like:


Instead of:


Another variation of the EMD that is still working, although I personally don’t use it myself is to use a dash or dashes in your domain name.

So an example of using a dash(singular) would be:

Or you can use multiple dashes such as:

As I’ve said I’ve seen it around in many places on page one of Google so it’s still working, however given the choice I would go for the EMD first followed by the PMD.

So either way, regardless of which approach you choose to take the EMD/PMD technique is still working extremely well and it is something you should definitely when you want to build your first fast ranking sites.

If you want to be really safe and build a business that is based around a brand then you can use a brand name domain.

So using the weight loss industry example you could have a brand called Absolute Abs and your domain name would of course then be

So those are your main options when it comes to choosing a domain and it’s completely up to you which approach you take.

The main point here is that there is no right or wrong approach… except the approach I told you to avoid which is of course adding a letter to the end of your domain name.